Public input sought on University Avenue road widening project

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KXDF)- Alaska's Department of Transportation held a public meeting Wednesday evening at Pike's Landing to discuss the proposed University Avenue road widening project.

The plan calls for reconstruction of University Avenue from the Mitchell Expressway to the Thomas Street intersection.

At the Geist and Johansen intersection, they plan the addition of two left turn lanes, two straight lanes and one right turn lane.

Another major component will be the complete remodeling of the Chena River Bridge. The bridge will have an incline so it will no longer be flat, and that modification will also extend to the road connected to the bridge.

Power lines and utilities will be kept under the bridge.

Project manager for the project, Lauren Little, says figuring out rights of way for residents and the road is another challenge. She says it's important to communicate with the public to ensure that DOT is using its funds in a way that will truly benefit Fairbanks residents.

If you would like to give comment, contact the Project Manger Lauren Little at 907–451–5126.

"It's great to know that people see it and they need it, because we're not talking about spending a small amount of money here,” explained Little. “We really want people to feel the need and see the need. The other part of it is, there's a lot of stuff that maybe we're not aware of. There's just a vast array of topics on this project to cover, but all those little things feed into what that final project looks like and how we are able to communicate with the public as we build it,” Little said.