US Senator Dan Sullivan And Nine Others Cancel Part Of The August Recess

U-S Senator Dan Sullivan and nine other Senators released a statement today on the cancelling of part of the scheduled August work break.
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today approved the group's request to cancel the first two weeks of the Senate's August recess, which is referred to as the 'state work period'.
The Senators sent a letter to McConnell on June 30th, asking if they could be allowed to work through the August recess.
They said there were too many important issues on the table that could not be postponed for a break.
"The point is we got to be here and we need the time to do it. But we can be attacking these different issues that are key priorities for all of our constituents whether democrats or republican for this country but if we're not here and if we're essentially working three days a week, which is what we do, we're not going to get it done."