Students plead with school board to keep music education

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KXDF) - One of the major concerns of both students and faculty at last night's school board meeting was the proposed budget cut to the arts in schools — more specifically, the complete removal of music courses from North Pole schools.

This would create a music restructure with a resulting $113,000 reduction.

Many students testified, claiming that by taking away music, the board is 'taking away their air.'

A junior at North Pole High School, Ashley Roberts, emphasized that music teaches more than just learning an instrument.

"If I had a say in what I should be taught, I would say that choir is the most important class," said Roberts. "The most important moment in the day. But I've found that the only way I've battled fear in my high school career, is not by turning to page 274 and answering questions 22–33 but looking face to face with a few hundred people and opening my mouth to pour out my love for music."

Music teacher at North Pole Middle, Vanessa Jackson, testified to fight for her students.

"Every student on the back of my shirt has hopes and dreams for what their future is going to be, or what it's going to look like when they go to high school, and what their learning opportunities are going to be. Part of my job, as I've always seen it during my tenure here, is to fight for these kids and let those kids hope to have available to them, and for what we built now and what they can build on in the future," said Jackson.