Lathrop High Seniors Receive Diplomas At Graduation

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156 Lathrop high school graduates received their diplomas while their families were cheering them on. Many of these graduates achieved multiple scholarships, magna cum laude, or honors. 2017 Senior Class President Anna Freeman introduced all the graduates at the start of the ceremony. Freeman says she is looking forward to starting her future in college.

"It's a very surreal feeling honestly. I feel very mentally prepared for it but also I'm very ready for graduation so it's good that it's here. Oh I'm just going to work really hard all summer and then August 21st is the first day of class at University of Hawaii Manoa and I am going to have a double major in Mathematics and business with a minor in education. So that's kind of my 4, 5 year plan there."
The Lathrop Concert Choir sang a beautiful melody called "Bridge Over Troubled Water". This was followed short afterwards by two speeches, one of them being a student class speaker, Logan Mowry. Mowry gave a speech that addressed what Lathrop High School was like for the graduating class. He says his future is looking bright ahead.

"I am really excited for my future and everything that's going to be in it. I'm going to be skiing in college at UAF and running there. I'm really excited for that but I'm also going to miss Lathrop, it's been a super great place for me. I've loved every second of it."
At the presentation of the diplomas, Mario Gatto (Gat-O) was honored to be handing out the diplomas to the Lathrop graduating class of 2017.

"We built connections with these kids, not just myself, other administrators, our teaching staff, support staff. We built connections with them and it's tough to see them go but we also know that there going to do great things and represent Lathrop and be part of the purple wave and be very proud Alumni and do great things in our community and around the world.
Freeman and Mowry had some last minute words to say about Lathrop High School.

"I couldn't be more thankful and appreciative for this high school experience. It was a great one."

"It's been the best decision I've ever made to come here and I've loved every second of it."