Environmental groups call for Hilcorp natural gas pipeline shutdown

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COOK INLET, Alaska (AP)- Hilcorp Alaska, LCC has received its second Notice of Proposed Safety Order, or NOPSO, regarding a second pipeline that they own in Cook Inlet.

Hilcorp received their first NOPSO on the natural gas pipeline that has been leaking since mid–December. That order states they must fix the leak and improve the line by May first.

This second order is about a separate Hilcorp–owned pipeline, also in Cook Inlet. That second pipeline is an oil pipeline. The concern is that the oil pipeline is under the same stress as the natural gas pipeline, which might cause it to leak as well.

The Pipeline and hazardous Material and Safety Administration, the organization that gave both orders, says Hilcorp has 21 days to perform an external inspection.

If Hilcorp fails to do so in a timely fashion, or if the inspection reveals the situation to be unsafe, then the company will be forced to purge the line.
Hilcorp spokeswoman Lori Nelson says the company will work with inspectors to deal with these most recent concerns.