City Council to discuss resolution in support of HB 127

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KXDF)- Fairbanks City Council meets next week on Monday, March 20th, to discuss several new ordinances — including a resolution supporting House Bill 127 regarding individuals with convictions.

House Bill 127, if passed by the council, would allow individuals who were previously ineligible to receive a permanent fund dividend if their conviction was vacated, reversed, or charges were dismissed.

HB 127, introduced by several Alaska representatives including Scott Kawasaki, is based on the concept of 'fundamental fairness'.

Other items on the agenda to be discussed are a Fairbanks police report update by Police Chief Eric Jewkes and the diversity council action plan.

Mayor Jim Matherly explained more about the HB 127 resolution and its importance.

"What will be discussed is why the council would write a letter of support," explained Matherly. "So council member Therrien will probably explain it to the council as to why she supports it, and then the council can vote on whether we send the letter forth to Juneau. It would be important because sometimes cities and municipalities, governing bodies write letters of support for certain things that they're trying to do in Juneau, just to show more unity in hopes of getting it passed. And that's why this is being brought forth Monday."