'Jo's Oven' Creates Unique Alaskan Sourdough Cupcakes

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In this week's 'Community Commerce,' we talked to a special baker about her unique cupcakes.

She tells us her story, including how it all started with sourdough pancakes.

Working in her bakery trailer, Jo Pearson measures ingredients to make her cupcakes and other baked goods.
The secret to her delicious cakes - sourdough.

It all started one morning when Pearson had a craving for cupcakes, but didn't have the ingredients make them.
She did however have sourdough pancake batter, left over from the morning's meal, and then an idea was formed.

She made what is now her signature cupcake - the Sourdough pancake cupcake with maple buttercream and candied bacon.

Now she has 70 flavors of cakes and icings to offer to her customers.
Pearson sells her baked goods at the Tanana Valley Farmer's market and also takes custom orders.

The next step for Jo's Oven is to take the trailer on location, but the ultimate goal is to have a brick and mortar store.

"I want a store front so bad. I want to be able to have a display case with my pastries in it. People can come in and get it, sit down have some coffee, tea, milk, because cake and milk. So I'm looking for the right place and work up to that, try and build my own place and have it all cupcaked out and just have a bakery with everything. All my dreams in it."

She also gives advice to those wanting to start their own business.

"I have learned doing this that things don't go as fast as you'd like them too. When I started six years ago, I was in a year going to have my shop and be known and have everything, it doesn't work that way. I've taken baby steps. I started in my kitchen in my house and now I have my trailer, my trailer is going to go out and get parked and build up the revenue for that and once I have that then I can work on building my shop."

Ultimately, without the support of her family, friends and customers, her dreams may not have become reality.

"I've had so many people that have been skeptical of the whole sourdough cupcake thing but I always offer try one, if you don't like it you can have your money back and I have not had anybody yet ask for their money back. It's more often 'oh my gosh, I need a dozen,' and they buy more. So my customers they literally have made this happen. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am and I've very grateful to them."

And lucky for those with special diets, Pearson also offers gluten free and vegan options.