Health Watch : Keeping Your Bathroom Free Of Germs In Bathmats

When you think of your bathroom, you may think the toilet is the place with the most germs - but for many people, the 'germiest' item is the bath mat.

Bath mats are often times meant to dry your feet after a shower and can be located close to the toilet.
According to Doctor Dan Allan of Cleveland Clinic, between moisture from the shower and flushing the toilet, your bath mat can easily become contaminated.

"When you flush the toilet, there's very fine droplets that are released into the air of not only bacteria, but any other matter that's in the toilet. That can travel up to six feet."
He advises to run the bathroom fan during and after a shower to cut down on the amount of moisture in the bathroom.
"If people do wash them or clean them it's infrequent, and so they're moist, they're damp, they're on the floor, they're probably not far from the toilet, and so there's a high risk of contamination and also a high risk of moisture, which will allow a lot of things to sort of continue to grow and fester."
To further avoid contaminates making us sick, Allan says bath mats should be washed every couple of weeks and mats that are harder to clean, should be replaced every three to six months.
Hand towels, shower curtains and loofas are also items that should be cleaned regularly and replaced every month.
Doctor Allen even recommends keeping your toothbrush up right and as far away from the toilet as possible.