Governor Walker Will Meet With State House, Senate To Discuss Budget Deficit

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JUNEAU, Alaska (KXDF) - In a press briefing yesterday, Governor Bill Walker said he wants to meet with the leaders of the state house and senate and try to come up with a compromise budget plan.

Right now, the state has a deficit of nearly $3 billion, and so far the legislature has not come up with a solution.

The legislative session, which is supposed to last for 90 days, is now in day 93.

The governor said that the state has had a budget deficit since 2012, and a plan needs to be in place to address it.

"From '13 on, we've been in a deficit, so this has gone on for a while. This didn't just happen," said Walker. "It's one of the driving forces that I ran for this office. I was concerned about the $2 billion deficit that was not being talked about. So, it's being talked about now; it's front and center."