FPD Hopes To Identify Two Suspects In Vehicle Break-In

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The Fairbanks Police department is asking the public for their help in identifying two individuals shown in surveillance video appearing to enter an unlocked vehicle outside of a Southside business near Airport Way and Gillam Way.

A female suspect wearing blue jeans and a white tank top is accompanied by a male suspect, wearing khaki cargo shorts, a black shirt with cutoff sleeves and black sneakers.

In the surveillance video, the two suspects enter an unlocked vehicle, allegedly stealing a handful of items.

Fairbanks Police are reminding the public to lock parked vehicles, as thieves routinely look for easy targets such as unlocked vehicles or valuables left in plain view.

If anyone recognizes either suspect, they are asked to contact FPD officer Doug Welborn at 450-6555 or contact him by email at dowelborn@fairbanks.us.