Downtown Association's Open House Set for Tomorrow

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Over the past five years, the heart of downtown Fairbanks has seen an increase in activities and businesses that have chosen to locate and stay in that area.
The Downtown Association of Fairbanks will be hosting its 2nd annual 'Commercial Space' Open House Friday evening from 5 to 7 P-M.
The Association will be showcasing about a dozen commercial spaces available for lease or sale.
The start of the self-guided tour begins in the lobby area of the Co-op Plaza.
The Downtown Association's booth will be there with information and maps on what properties are up for lease or sale.
A complete list of the historic and cultural properties up for lease can be found on the association's website at
Dan Van Den Berg; Executive Director, Downtown Association of Fairbanks >>"Some of the builds that are participating in this year's event there behind me here but there's the Cole building over here on Cushman street and then the Worthington building right behind me and then Courthouse Square. And farther to the north on the river, Key Bank, the Key Bank's center in that building. And then there's a lot of historical properties which we think have real intrinsic interest to the general public or anybody's. Somebody who might have a current use for such a building but there's three of them that are clustered up at first and Cowles."