Delta Junction State Parks Come Under New Management

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The state parks in Delta Junction are under new management, allowing volunteers to rest assured their parks are being taken care of.

According to a press release from the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, two Interior contractors - K and K Operations, and Big Dipper Adventures - have been chosen to maintain five of six state parks after volunteers took care of those sites for a month.

Starting on August 1st, K and K Operations began work with the 'Big Delta State Historical Park,' while Big Dipper Adventures is operating four other recreation sites.

Delta Junction volunteers spent most of July picking up trash, cleaning restrooms, and keeping-up the area after budget cuts ended state services on July 1st.
Now these contractors are doing these clean up jobs, and much more.
The contractors will also put a fee structure in place for park users.

Parks Superintendent at the Department of Natural Resources, Brooks Ludwig, applauds the Delta volunteers for their service.

"Well, pretty amazing the way the community stepped up. We had a public meeting, Representative George Rauscher organized that and we talked to the community and told them funding has been cut, we don't have any money for staff and we're shutting down our office. And we locked the bathrooms because we didn't have anybody to maintain them and they stepped right up and said 'Well we will volunteer,' and they took off with it and did a really good job. The community really came together, kept the park clean, and it was a really nice transition then to the private contract. When they took over maintenance of the parks, it was already in good shape, s it was easy for them the transition in."