BP Exploration's North Slope Oil Leak Cleaning Up Without Incident

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(EPA Press Release) - The Unified Command, which addressed the BP well leak found last week on April 14th, is standing down during the cleanup phase of the operation.

The command consists of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, North Slope Borough, and B.P. Exploration Alaska — or BPXA.

These groups unified after a leak was discovered at BPXA's Flow Station 1, Drill Site 2, Well 3, in Alaska's North Slope. The leak released natural gas, and a mist of crude oil.

The well was reported back under control on Monday, April 17, after they killed the well by pumping in sea water.

As of Thursday, BPXA has secured and closed the well by installing a mechanical plug.

The affected area is thought to be less than 1.5 acres. There has been no estimated amount for oil released from the leak as of news time. It is still believed that the leak was confined to the gravel pad, and has not impacted the wildlife.

The cleanup project will be monitored by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the North Slope Borough.