Adrian Mendizabal Charged With Attempted Murder For Shooting Vernon Smoke

A Fairbanks man was arraigned today in Fairbanks Superior Court for allegedly shooting another man by accident after he went to the man's apartment to confront him.

37-year-old Adrian Mendizabal is charged with Attempted Murder, Assault, and Tampering with physical evidence.
According to officials, the Fairbanks police department received a call on April 29th that a shooting occurred near 11th avenue.
Police responded and found that the victim, Vernon Smoke, had been shot.
A few minutes after the shooting, Mendizabal reported to authorities that he had accidently shot Smoke.
He told FPD he had heard that Smoke and some other individuals were 'out to get him', so he went to Smoke's apartment and he waited for him inside.
When Smoke arrived, Mendizabal said the gun went off by accident.
Smoke was medevaced to Seattle for life threatening injuries.