Pet Of The Week: Nova

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This week's Pet of the Week is Nova.
Nova is a 5-year-old American Bulldog and Pit Bull mix.

She came to the shelter as a stray who was a little too slender, so we have been feeding her a little but extra to help her fill out and she has been a really wonderful dog while at the shelter.
We believe that Nova is housebroken because she keeps her kennel really clean and she gets along really well with other animals and strangers as far as we can tell.

Nova is quiet and easy going.
Nova hasn't shown us any bad habits at the shelter but different dogs have different lifestyles and sometimes they just have different behaviors that people may or may not like.
She doesn't stand out because she is kind of quiet, so that's probably why she has been over looked for the past week, but we think she is a really special girl and we hope that she finds a loving home.

If Nova isn't the right dog for you we have other dogs, cats, and small animals looking for loving homes.