Pet Of The Week: 'Missie'

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This week's pet of the week is Missie.
Missie is a 1 year, 9-month-old Alaska Husky and Pointer Mix.

She came to the shelter most recently because she escapes too often.
We have seen Missie at the shelter on a few occasions, also when she was a stray, there was a time when she was on the loose for a significant amount of time because she has a lot of fun when she is a stray and doesn't always want to come to people.

Missie actually is very social though and she really enjoys interacting with people.
She enjoys having a connection and plays with toys, and absolutely loves to run.

Missie did some freelance bird hunting in some chicken coops in her neighborhoods prior to her residence at the animal shelter, so her new owners need to be very careful to keep her from escaping.

Missie has a shorter coat so she won't be good for staying outside all winter long, but she would be good for being an active dog outside on hikes or skijoring if she gets training.

Missie has other dog, cat, and small animal friends looking for loving homes also.