Pet Of The Week: Eclipse The Rabbit

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This week's Pet of the Week is Eclipse.
Eclipse is a black rabbit who came to the shelter as a stray.

He is really social though so he's obviously been someone's pet and he's been just a real sweet bunny since he's come to the shelter.

Eclipse had a little bit of an eye ulcer when he first came to the shelter
and he was treated by the shelter veterinarian, it's completely healed and he has also been neutered, so he is ready for his new home.

Eclipse is learning how to use the litter box, which makes maintenance of the cage a lot easier.
He really enjoys attention and he does really well around the other animals in the shelter so he is pretty confident.

Eclipse would be a really great pet for anyone who wants a bunny to run around their house that can protect them from cords, and houseplants, and all those sorts of things.

He is really smart, so he is learning how to use the litter box as long as his new family continues to encourage him to do that by maybe moving is around the cage to his favorite corners.

Eclipse also has other rabbit friends at the shelter looking for loving homes as well as turtles, cats, and dogs.