Pet Of The Week : Parakeets Logo, Uno, Echo, Alexi, Harry

If you like birds, and bright , then you're going to love this week's pets of the week.

Meet Logo, Uno, Echo, Alexi and Harry - the parakeets.
They've become a very friendly flock, and will even sing together if music is playing.
They're a fun and playful little bunch who would love to brighten the homes of any who adopt them.
Meet Logo, Uno, Echo, Alexi, and Harry - News 13's 'pets of the week'.

They are a really happy, cheerful bunch. They came to the shelter recently because their owners had too many. These parakeets are two-years-old and they were socialized really well as young ones but since there's a group of them they prefer each other's company over people's company.
They make really cheerful, fun, happy noises during the day so as long as you like that music in your house then they're a great addition. Most people find them really uplifting and cheerful and they're really fun to talk to even though they don't really like to go on your hand, but with more work and if they had some one on one time without their friends they might come around to being hand tamed.
These parakeets are really beautiful, really friendly little guys and they enjoyed being talk to. So birds need to be kept really clean like their cages need to be cleaned regularly because they can have a lot of dander and they make a lot of messes with their seeds and stuff, so it's really better for their health if they're kept clean on a regular basis.
They can be sensitive to household chemicals and fragrances, and if you keep them safe with safe toys that they can't get hurt on and clean water they are usually pretty happy. This flock of parakeets is looking for a loving home, they'd love to go together but can go in smaller groups, and they also have other parakeet friends at the shelter as well as other, a lot of small animals, and dogs and cats looking for loving homes.