French Fry and Tater Tot

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KXDF) - This week the animal shelter is serving up a couple of side orders that will certainly put a smile on your face.

French Fry and Tater Tot are two-year-old guinea pigs looking for a loving home.

These little guys like to lounge around all day but aren't afraid to get a little exercise if the weather is nice.

This week's Pets of the Week are French Fry and Tater Tot. They are two male guinea pigs, long hair, very unique coloring.

Guinea pigs make great pets for young children. They are caged animals but do enjoy getting out of their cages on a regular basis.

In the summer months, when it's nice and warm out, you can definitely take your guinea pigs outside to enjoy some grazing time. It is strongly recommended that you keep them in an enclosure while they are outside, so a small, portable type fence is great for them.

When they're inside, they should have time to run around and exercise outside of the cage on a daily basis as well.

Guinea pigs are pretty docile animals. They're not like many small animals; they're not prone to biting or nipping.

They do make a pretty unique noise, they like to whistle!

They are friendly animals.

French Fry and Tater Tot would make great friends for the right family. They also have other furry friends here at the shelter that might fit into your household.