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Snow and Frost found across Fairbanks

High winds cause power outages across Fairbanks

Above average number of homes destroyed by snow this winter

Fairbanks Residents Train to be Storm Spotters for National Weather Service

River Watch team heads to Fairbanks to monitor ice jams

National Weather Service predicts warmer-than-usual spring

Mayor defends decision to demolish Masonic Temple

City officials address snow load risks after two building collapse

Winter season of 2017 ranked 10th highest in snowfall history

City running out of places to put snow

Snowstorm makes roads treacherous across Interior

Meteorologist talks about 100 years of Alaska climate science

Road crews racing against time to clean up after winter storm

2017 was one of Fairbanks' warmest years on record

State report warns of potential climate change health effects

Historic warm winter having effects across Alaska

Crews cleaning up roads after rare December rain

Crews work to reopen Richardson Highway after massive snowstorm

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