Secret Service costs for presidential travel continue to mount

President Trump's 'hire American plan' and how it will affect H-1B workers

State senate passes insurance bill for state police and firefighters

Don Young files for 24th term in U.S. House of Representatives

Trump flexes military muscle amid growing tension on world stage

Governor wants to meet with legislature to compromise on budget

The uncertain future of online privacy after FCC rule roll back

Gov. Walker meets with Vice President Pence about Alaskan issues

Senators take aim at drug-laced candies

Lawmakers push national concealed carry reciprocity act

House's approved oil tax bill now in state senate's hands

Alaska House passes oil and gas subsidies bill

Alaska senate votes to legalize industrial hemp

Legislative session will extend past voter-approved 90 days

Lawmakers still have lots to do before session ends

Legislators struggle with the budget as legislative session end nears

Alaska delegation ready to fight elimination of the EAS

Legislators still pondering sales and income tax

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NBC Headlines

North Korea Detains Third American Citizen: Officials

The Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang said it was aware of a Korean-American citizen being detained recently, but could not comment further.

Gay Men on the Run After Alleged Purge in Russia's Chechnya

Reports suggest gay men have been tortured, beaten and imprisoned in camps as part of the the anti-gay campaign in the conservative Muslim republic.

Anti-Semitic Incidents Spike Since Election: Research

Reports of anti-Semitic incidents recorded this year include 161 bomb threats and 155 vandalism incidents, including three cemetery desecrations.

Analysis: Macron Must Win Big to Hope to Fulfill Pledges

Analysis: Emmanuel Macron will need an impressive victory to keep his anti-Marine Le Pen coalition together.

Three Kids Among Five Dead in NYC House Fire

The youngest victim of the Sunday afternoon blaze in Queens Village was 2 years old.