19,000 state employees receive layoff notices

Here's how tax cuts affect the economy

Economic Development Commission lays out five-year plan

No more BP layoffs for now

Alcohol and drugs cost Alaska over $3 billion a year

Alaska Railroad cuts positions, number of trips

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U.N. Committee Calls on U.S. to Unequivocally Reject Racist Hate

A U.N. committee said the U.S. government should "unequivocally and unconditionally" reject hate speech and crimes in Charlottesville and elsewhere.

Army Drill Sergeants Suspended for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The Army announced it has suspended drill sergeants accused of sexual misconduct with trainees at Fort Benning.

Can Vitamin C Prevent Leukemia?

New studies shed light on the links between vitamins and cancer. Two show vitamin C might prevent leukemia, while high doses of B may worsen lung cancer risk.

A Whole New World: Columbus Statue Could Be Considered for Removal

New York City is conducting its own review over "symbols of hate" and possibly taking aim at Christopher Columbus.

Bus With Gas Containers Found Near Canceled Rotterdam Concert

The concert, which was to feature Californian band "Allah-Las," was canceled around 7 p.m. local time, shortly before doors were to be opened for guests, after a tip from police in Spain, Dutch officials said.