Arvin Kangas’ appeal has been rejected

Local man charged with assault with bear spray

Four men plead Not Guilty to charges at the Fairbanks Court House

Schaeffer Cox appeal rejected by U.S. Supreme Court

Local woman arraigned on Murder charges

Local woman charged in November 2017 murders

Almandinger found guilty of all charges in David Grunwald murder case

Fairbanks man charged with murder of 7 month old child

Two local men arraigned in Fairbanks Superior Court

LIVE: Fairbanks man indicted on federal gun charges

Former Wainwright soldier sentenced for child pornography

A fire in Cantwell leads to the arrest of a Washington resident

Former North Pole Mayor's DUI trial set to take place

Moose Creek man arraigned on multiple counts of sexually abusing a minor

Two not guilty pleas were heard at the Rabinowitz Court House

Local man arraigned in Fairbanks Superior Court for Stalking, Trespassing, Resisting Arrest

Inmate pleads not guilty for 2017 prison riot

Local woman pleads guilty to armed robbery

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