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On-site consumption of Marijuana officially moves forward to public comments

State's Marijuana Control Board pushes back 'on-site consumption' discussion until Friday

Facebook Shuts Down Marijuana business pages

Riverboat Discovery's main vessel celebrates 30 years on the Chena River

Tesoro changing name to 'Andeavor' after acquisition of Western Refining

Is bricks and mortar shopping dead?

Owners of Alaska hospitality company win Small Business Person of the Year award

Insider trading suspected in GCI acquisition

GCI sold to Liberty Interactive Corporation

Study: Alaska Airlines is the best airline in the U.S.


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Hunt for 'Unkempt' Swiss Chainsaw Attacker After 5 Hurt

A chainsaw wielding attacker entered an office building, injuring multiple people, local police said.

The Legal Battle Behind the Trump Tower Meeting

When the Trumps and the Russians talk about "adoption," this is the bitter fight they're talking about.

Is Temple Mount Crisis Spilling Over Into Jordan?

A shooting at the Israeli Embassy in Amman Sunday has prompted concerns that the Temple Mount crisis in Jerusalem might exacerbate Israeli-Jordanian tensions.

Polish President to Veto Reforms That Triggered Protests

Poland's President Andrzej Duda will veto two of three reform bills that had triggered protests and raised U.S. concerns about a politicization of the courts.

The Most Important Elections You Haven't Heard About

Democrats have a rare opportunity to win when it matters most -- if only they can get their base to pay attention to governors races.