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NBC Headlines

Pakistan Prime Minister Ousted in Corruption Probe

Pakistan's prime minister Nawaz Sharif has been ousted by the country's Supreme Court amid a corruption investigation triggered by the Panama Papers.

Texas Executes TaiChin Preyor, Who Said Lawyer Used Wikipedia

The Supreme Court turned down a final appeal from Preyor, who argued that his former lawyer collaborated with a disbarred attorney and relied on Wikipedia.

Man Says He Killed Wife on Cruise Because She 'Laughed' at Him

Suspect Kenneth Manzanares was found covered in his wife's blood aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship after allegedly killing his her due to her laughter.

U.S. Orders Diplomats' Families to Leave Venezuela

The United States is ordering relatives of American diplomats to leave the Venezuelan capital ahead of a polarizing vote planned for Sunday to start rewriting the country's constitution.

Senate Overwhelmingly Passes New Russian Sanctions

The White House signaled that President Donald Trump might veto the bill, which would limit his authority to lift the sanctions on his own.