Couple celebrates 70th anniversary in hospital

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A hospital is not the most romantic place to spend a 70th anniversary, but that's where it had to be for a Nebraska couple suffering from serious medical conditions.

Willis and Viola Lienart are staying true to their wedding vows of being together in sickness and health.

Viola's worsening heart condition brought the couple to a hospital for treatment, but then Willis experienced shortness of breath and had to be admitted himself.

So the couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last Thursday, March 16 in the hospital.

So how can a marriage last 70 years? This is what Willis had to say:

"You take your shoe off and put it in hers, wear her shoes for a day. A woman's work is never ever done," he said.

The couple is heading back to their farm in Walthill, Nebraska where in-home nurses will help with the rest of their care.

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