Zachary Whisenhunt's mother speaks

The murder trial of Zachary Whisenhunt was paused today in order for the defense and prosecution to discuss issues while the jury wasn't present.

Zachary's mother, Lorrianne Whisenhunt, reached out to us to give her view of the situation.

Zachary Whisenhunt is accused of the gruesome 2014 murder of Jenessa Kempski.

During the time of Kempski's death, Zachary lived with his mother.
Lorrianne now lives in California with her boyfriend, Timothy Horner.
Horner was supposedly with Zachary at the Cushman Street gas station where Kempski was last seen, the morning she went missing.

Lorrianne says her son had been at a cabin in North Pole that morning, and had intimate relations with Kempski, but had never hurt her.

She also said she would have noticed if he came home with different or bloody clothes.

"Never at one point, did he come home in clothes he didn't leave in. Never did he come home with blood on his clothes, because I do his laundry. And if I had found something with blood on it, you know I would have noticed that, 'cus I do his laundry."

Zachary Whisenhunt's trial is expected to resume Friday at 8:30 AM.