Whisenhunt denied acquittal request, closing arguments expected Monday

The defense asked for an acquittal today in the murder trial of Zachary Whisenhunt.
After a short debate Superior Court Judge, Douglas Blankenship, denied the motion.

30-year-old Whisenhunt is accused of the 2014 killing of Janessa Kempski.

The defense then called their first witness, Jenessa's mother, Shirley Kempski, to the stand.
Shirley was questioned about her daughter's relationship with Isaac Horman- a man Jenessa spent time with before her death.
She was also questioned about Jenessa's alleged drug use.

The defense was expected to call a second witness but after a short break the jury was sent home.

The judge informed the court that one more witness is going to take the stand on Monday, followed by closing arguments from the defense and prosecution.