USAF jets intercept Russian bomber planes near Kodiak

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KODIAK, Alaska (AP) - Two Anchorage–based Air Force jets were scrambled Monday evening to intercept two Russian Bomber planes near Kodiak Island.

The pair of Russian T–u–95 Bear bombers were detected on radar at 6 p.m. Monday, approximately 100 miles South of the Aleutian Islands.

A pair of F–22 fighter jets and a radar plane departed Anchorage's Joint Base Elmendorf– Richardson, accompanied by a KC–135 refueling tanker from Eielson Air Force Base, to intercept the two Russian planes.

The U.S. Air Force pilots determined that there were no bombs visible onboard the Russian aircraft, and the F–22s flew alongside the Bears until the Russian planes turned back.

This is the first such incident in nearly two years.