Three Interior Mayors participate in 2nd annual 'Mayor's March'

If you were driving down Badger Road Saturday, you may have seen a sizeable group of people walking - including Borough Mayor Karl Kassel and North Pole Mayor Bryce Ward.

The second annual 'Mayor's March' was held over the weekend as a preface to The Door's 'One Homeless Night', which aims to bring awareness of youth homelessness around the Interior.

The route started at North Pole City Hall and moved down Badger Road to the weigh stations, where Mayor Matherly joined the group.

The group was picked up and shuttled to FNA, before continuing to the Fairbanks Youth Advocates building.

Mayor Kassel explained why they chose to participate in this event, while Mayor Ward talked about the different ways the community can get involved in helping to raise awareness of homelessness in and around the Interior.

Mayor Karl Kassel, Fairbanks North Star Borough"
"So Mayor Ward came up with a great idea of walking from North Pole to Fairbanks because we do have homeless population all across the community, all across the borough and it's a real challenge if you're in that category to try and get around, and so we thought, bring a little awareness to the folk that would have to walk this far."

Mayor Bryce Ward, North Pole:
"There's a lot of different way folk can get involved to address this issue in the community. And you know there's advocate groups like Fairbanks Youth Advocates, I know there are agencies out there, but there's also a lot of local churches that we know, especially in North Pole, meet that need as well. So we just encourage people to reach out and find out what type of organizations or groups are in town, and find out if there is a way to help out."