Special Session Lawmakers still Working out issues

With this year's second special legislative session nearing an end, lawmakers still have not finished work on several issues.
Senate Republicans offered a proposal on oil & gas taxes and subsidies last week, but the house is countering with another one.
The house agreed to the idea of ending North Slope oil tax credits for the rest of the year, with the understanding that it would be fixed next year.
The senate took the matter up again today and is studying it.
The current special session ends July 16th.
The governor said today that they need to fix the problem this year.
"We have to have a way of funding government and when you lose 80 percent of your revenue, You can't live off your savings forever.
Our statutory budget reserve account has been drained. our constitutional c b r fund is now below an amount that you couldn't get another year out of the cbr. So we're really at that point where we need to finish the job and I guess that's my message is lets finish the job"