School Board election results

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The election is over and the votes are in.
The school board will have two incumbents returning, as well as one new member joining its ranks.
Julia Laude has an in-depth look at newcomer, Tim Doran.
The candidates who came out victorious were former Principal of Denali Elementary, Tim Doran and incumbents Wendy Dominique and Sean Rice.
For Doran, his first order of business is to listen and learn from the current board members as well as from the community and students.
Tim Doran; Seat E Winner>>: "The first thing I want to do, is I want to follow up on what I've heard and learn the aspects of being a board member and then how do we constructively address the issues of trying to make sure we have the best education possible."
Many in the district, including teacher Eileen Dubowski, say it's exciting to having someone on the board with school experience.
Eileen Dubowski; School District employee>>: "I'm excited that there are going to be people who know what it's like to step into a classroom with 25 to 30 kids and can make good decisions based on that because they do have that experience. They know exactly what classroom teachers need and I think they'll be able to help the rest of the school board. They'll be able to help them understand a little better when they do make a decision that directly affects my classroom itself."
Doran says he was glad to see so many people interested in the betterment of education.
Tim Doran; Seat E Winner>>: "What really struck me is we had eight people running for school board for different seats, every one of them showed a real sincere interest in children, young people and students. I learned a lot from each one but I think it says a lot for our community that so many people came out and showed that they care for the young people in our town and I think that's the biggest lesson that comes out of this particular campaign."
Doran's term on the school board will begin in November.
This is Julia Laude reporting.