September parking tickets can be paid off with canned food donations this month

Through the month of September, drivers in the community are being given the opportunity to pay for their over-time tickets, with canned food.

Beginning September 1st, all over-time tickets received in the month of September, are eligible to be paid off by donating canned food.

Items are broken down into small, medium, and large items, which have dollar values attached to them, and can be dropped off at the Golden Heart Parking Services main office at 201 Lacey Street, inside the parking garage, between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Anyone is able to pay off the citation, so long as they have the citation itself, or the citation number.
Those paying should also note, should they chose to donate food, the entire amount of the citation must be paid with the canned food items.

The parking service would like to extend the invitation to donate food items, regardless of if they have a citation.
All donations will be going to the Food Bank.

Kelly Dent, Executive Director, Golden Heart Parking Services:
"So for the month of September, anyone who receives an over-time citation, can pay their citation with food versus cash. We are doing this to help feed the people who are less fortunate. We ask that you bring in a 3 dollar administration fee only, and then we will pay your ticket with food from 9/1 until 9/29."