A youth-run international collaboration took place to hold a fundraiser for those affected by natural disasters

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A youth-run international collaboration took place on Wednesday to help raise funds for those affected by the recent natural disasters.
Amanda Brennan reports.
At the JP Jones Community Development Center the Golden Heart Rotary Club held a fundraiser with the help of the Fairbanks Rotary Youth Exchange. The event, called the Taste of Rotary Youth Exchange, was open to Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike. Participants sampled food from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Hungary, prepared by the young people visiting from those countries. The proceeds from the entry fee, in addition to cash donations, all went towards the UK-based charity, ShelterBox. President of the Golden Heart Rotary Club, Jose Luis Martinez discusses the commitment between the youth exchange and the ShelterBox charity.
Jose Luis Martinez; President, Golden Heart Rotary Club>>: "In our district, which is our Alaska district, 5010, for rotary, our commitment is that each youth exchange student that come into our district in Alaska, their commitment is to raise $1000 for ShelterBox. The ShelterBox program is an opportunity for disaster relief efforts throughout the world like most recent events that happened in Puerto Rico, in Texas, in Mexico City. The $1000 they raise helps fund one ShelterBox which is a big ShelterBox with a lot of first aid and immediate need for people who are in those disastrous areas."
Empanadas from Argentina, flat bread from Chile, and Hungarian pancakes were some of the foods available to the participants. Vitoria Bijos from Brazil made what she called Left Over Rice Balls which were just as they sounded - seasoned and then fried balls that are usually made from left over rice. Bijos has been visiting Alaska through the Rotary Youth Exchange for the last few months. She experienced snow for the first time just a week ago, and observed that Alaskan people are not too different from Brazilian people, when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. She goes on to describe her experience living in Alaska and participating in the exchange program.
Vitoria Bijos; Rotary Youth Exchange Participant>>: "Experiencing Alaska has been amazing. I don't have any words to describe it. The people are amazing, my host family is incredible, I love them so much. I think going on exchange is the best thing you can do for your child, or for yourself. So far I have been here for two months and I've changed a lot. I'm discovering myself. It's amazing. If you have an opportunity, talk with someone, get information, and go on exchange because it's amazing."
Although, the overall goal was set at $4,000, by the end of the night the grand total raised was $3,401. Amanda Brennan reporting.