Retailers, residents celebrate first legal pot holiday

FAIRBANKS, Alaska 26 states around the country have some form of legalized marijuana, and April 20, or '420', has become an unofficial holiday for cannabis consumers around the nation.

Sarah Dubowski visited some local joints to see what the buzz was all about.

Whether you like to dab, eat, vaporize, or just pack a bowl many local residents are lighting up today in celebration of 420, the unofficial holiday of Marijuana.

I talked with Cannabis shop owner and local grower, Keenan Hollister, who pipes up on the meaning behind the day.

"420 is basically the international celebration of everything cannabis," explained Hollister. "It Kind of started with a group of people using 420 as the code word and the time for when they would go and smoke back before cannabis was legal. Now that we have legality we can celebrate the day, we can celebrate time each day if we wanted to, and we're really excited to have the first legal 420 day in Fairbanks with cannabis."

Much like other holidays, on 420 many cannabis consumers have rituals, friends and family over, and enjoy specialized Mary Jane products.

We visited several pot shops to see what goods are fire, and which ones just blow smoke.

GoodSinse is offering specials on super-sized joints, along with ganja grown in–house.

"Alaska blooms has put out their first retails to us, and in their package they sent us some really huge fourteen gram joints; these are perfect for the 420 party you may be throwing; they're like 19 percent, so it's excellent THC value. We've got some Cookies Kush that we've grown in house that's a real nice, relaxing buzz with good prices; we've got excellent prices on our home grown stuff here," said Daniel Peters, owner of GoodSinse.

Pakalolo Supply Company is showcasing an organically grown strain from the islands along with a palm–leaf wrapped blunt.

"One of our favorite strains that's in the store available today is our in house special, the Monokaya White Fire Og. It's a strain that originated from Hawaii, from Hawaiian breeders that do really awesome stuff. One of our newest items is our new Pakalolo palm leaf wrap, filled with our premium cannabis. It's basically a palm leaf cigar, and rather than smoking any tobacco paper or just regular rolling paper, it's an organic palm leaf."

Whether you choose to partake in festivities today or just decide to mellow out, marijuana experts remind 21 and older consumers to start low and go slow.