'Recover Alaska' and Lavelle's Bistro celebrate National Recovery Month with specialty drink

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In honor of September being National Recovery Month, Lavelle's Bistro has partnered with the organization 'Recover Alaska' to support people on their journey to sobriety.

In addition to Lavelle's, four restaurants in Anchorage and one in Soldotna are partnering with Recover Alaska by featuring "mocktails" on their menu for the month of September.
The goal of serving the non-alcoholic cocktails is to provide fun and exciting drinks to patrons that choose to not to drink alcohol.
Alaskans (in recovery or not) are also invited to participate in Recover Alaska's 'Dry Weekend Challenges' throughout the month.

Bartender for Lavelle's Bistro, Larry Lowery, who created the Lavender Spritz mocktail, told us how he utilized Lavelle's kitchen when designing the drink.
And Executive Director of Recover Alaska, Tiffany Hall, described the significance of having more creative non-alcoholic options when on the road to recovery.

"Here at Lavelle's, we like to incorporate a lot of the kitchen into our cocktails and mocktails by doing things as in fusing our own syrups and making our own juices and such and so it really is a play with the kitchen flavors and alcohol can always be added afterwards."

"One of the difficult things is that going in into recovery for me, felt like I was going to have to give a lot of things up and that I wasn't going to be a part of anymore and by having these specialty drinks on the menu it allows me to just be another patron at the bar, patron at the restaurant and I can still get something special. I would encourage people to try these mocktails instead of something that doesn't feel like a special treat."