Orphaned baby birds rescued by woman and her dog

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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) -- It's spring and chirping birds can be heard all Bismarck, North Dakota.

Pet lovers often bring dogs and cats into their homes. Fish and birds also enjoy the comforts of indoor living. And now thanks to a caring Bismarck resident, a couple of orphaned birds are being given a chance to fly.

Ashley Jenkins and her dog, Little Guy, have become foster parents to a pair of baby robins. A recent storm created havoc for a mother robin and her chicks.

”Half the nest came down and momma bird came down with it. She got crushed by the pipe,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins has been providing food and water for the baby birds for a couple of weeks. She named the two Simon and Garfunkel, and Little Guy is never far from the pair he rescued.

Little Guy, Simon and Garfunkel have created quite the friendship. And when the three of them get together, it's anything but the "Sound of Silence."

Jenkins is going to continue to care for the birds for another six weeks. Then she will hand Simon and Garfunkel over to an animal rescue group that will release them into the wild.

Before the birds can be released into the wild, they need to be taught how to be self-sufficient.

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