North Pole High School holds commencement exercises

NORTH POLE, Alaska (KTVF) - 147 North Pole seniors took to the stage at the Carlson Center last night to celebrate a big milestone.

Each student beamed with pride as they accepted their high school diploma.

Students filed in to the traditional music of Pomp and Circumstance, each pausing for a brief photo-op before making their way down the aisle.

It was a night filled with joy and music, but there was a hint of sadness in the air as the senior and concert choir paid homage to two students who were unable to be there in person, but where there in spirit.

The combined middle and high school bands preformed selections from Les Miserables.

The class speaker, Jerry Million, gave his speech on the difference between courage and fear, telling fellow students to not be afraid of fear, but rather to overcome it and strive to replace it with courage.

Students were recognized for all they achieved throughout high school, and they walked across the stage with heads held high, ready to take on their next challenge.