Noel Wien Library keeping lobby trees in renovation plans

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Earlier this week, the Noel Wein Library lobby went under construction for some new renovations.

That project in the lobby is expected to be complete by late September.
In the meantime, the brick flooring will be removed and replaced with a temporary concrete floor.
The trees that once stood in the lobby will be cut into sections for future art projects.
Even the leaves will be saved and used.
Renee Van Nort from the Noel Wein Library explained what the future lobby will look like.

"The community was really looking for the same look that the old lobby had where it had the canopy of trees and that breathe of greenery from coming in the winter. So we will have new trees and they're going to be similar to the Benjamin vicus trees that we had before. The new trees will be in planters which will help keep them from getting so big like the previous ones did. And they'll be three round planters. The higher section is intended for the public to be able to eat their lunch or sit and work on their laptop. Those kind of things."