Military Report: Deployment readiness exercises at Eielson

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EIELSON AFB, Alaska (KTVF) - Being ready to go at a moment's notice is something the military is trained to do. Monte bowen has more on how they maintain that readiness in this week's military report.

"What we're trying to do is, we want to actually exercise one of our old plants," said Mission Support Group Commander Col. Richard Cole.

Service members from the 354th Fighter Wing at Eielson Air Force Base take part in a deployment readiness exercise called Arctic Gold 17–5. The operation plan, or O plan, kicked off whole maintaining base operations at full capacity.

Personnel from a cross section of jobs including security forces, logistics readiness, and the civil engineer squadron simulated deploying.

The exercise has benefits for both those deploying and those working in the personnel deployment function line.

"it's important for all airmen to be ready to deploy. Even if they may not be tasked for the old plant task, they could be put on as an alternate and eventually get tasked for the exercise or old plan and have it happen real well," said logistics planner Master Sgt. James Williams.

"It prepares people because they'll know what to expect on the way out; it'll be almost second nature and not be as much chaos. It helps to go through the motions to make it easier if it does happen," said Staff Sgt. Kristina Romero.

Several airmen were tasked to deploy in this exercise, highlighting the 354th Fighter Wing's ability to prepare, enable and deploy stability to the Indo-Asia Pacific region.