Midnight Sun Run introducing staggered starts for runners this year

With race day on Saturday, and everyone growing more excited, we wanted to take a moment to let you know about one big change to the start of the Midnight Sun Run.

Instead of everyone starting at once, there will be 4 separate starts categorized by bib color, and how fast a runner plans on completing the 10K.

No runner's time will start until they have crossed the starting mat to ensure accurate times for every participant.

There will be ropes separating each group, and people will need to be aware of the number of canon shots they hear, as it will fire 4 times.
There will also be volunteers with each group to minimize any confusion.

Most important: remember to stay hydrated, stay safe, and have fun.

"So the first group is the elite runners group those are folks that are competitive runners that have a chance of winning the race.
For the second years in a row, we have prize money sponsored by Beaver Sports, so those are the folks that have an opportunity to win the prize money.
The next group is the green bib group and so those are folks that are also competitive runners but they're a little bit slower than the yellow bib group.
Then we have a third corral which has blue bibs and that's folks that could definitely run under 50 minutes so we wanted to give them an opportunity to get a good start.
Then everybody else gets a white bib.
And so those are people who are going to be running 50 minutes or slower.
So when people registered they were asked what their predicted time was and that's how they were given their different colored bibs."