Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers Approved Alaska's State Innovation Waiver

Governor Bill Walker announced Tuesday that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved Alaska's State Innovation Waiver.
The waiver stabilizes Alaska's individual health insurance market, bringing in approximately 332 million dollars to the Alaska Re-insurance Program over the next five years.
Walker said Health care costs are increasingly unaffordable for a growing number of Alaskans, and that the waiver provides relief from large premium hikes for 23-THOUSAND Alaskans who are currently insured through the individual market.
The Alaska Re-insurance Program uses federal money to re-insure claims for Alaskans with high-cost medical conditions.
Premiums in the individual market are expected to decrease by approximately 20 percent as a result of this program.
"The approval is not a long term solution but it does temporarily stabilize Alaska's individual insurance market. Nationally, the average monthly premiums in the 39 states using health care dot gov in 2017 increased from 232 dollars in 2013 to 476 dollars in 2017 which is a 105 percent increase. In Alaska, the increase has been 203 percent during that same period."