Love Inc. Held an Open House about Upcoming Project 'Love Inc. Families'

Love Inc. held an open house today about their upcoming project "Love Inc. Families" which is set to launch this fall in October.
It's a project designed to help families in need who are homeless.
Love Inc. has been recruiting several local churches around the Fairbanks area to participate.
According to Jason Kempthorne, the executive director, Love Inc. is hoping for 12 churches to sign up.
Those churches would house 15 individuals for a week, before rotating to another church.
Kempthorne says Love Inc. is opening up the opportunity for anyone to volunteer, or for a church to become a housing sanctuary.
"They need a place to house up to five families. They need a kitchen and a eating area, just kind of a fellowship area. The biggest component of it is making sure that they have the volunteers. It's about 30 volunteer opportunities each week between people staying overnight and people providing evening dinner. We also have the availability where churches can partner together so one church may have the facility and one church may have the people to make it happen."