Local Municipal Clerks host Candidate Open House

The local Municipal Clerks hosted a Candidate Open House Saturday for interior residents to learn how to run for local office.
Julia Laude attended this open house and spoke with some of the people to find out how they want to make a change.
Booths were set up, with representatives from the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly, the School Board, the Interior Gas Utility Board, and the City of Fairbanks and North Pole Councils, to give information to perspective candidates.
When running for Borough Assembly, candidates must be a qualified voter of the borough, a resident within the precinct for which they are appointed, they must also take an oath to perform duties honestly and impartially and attend a two hour training session.
For this Chena Hot Spring area resident, Mat Wade, he says he appreciates the municipal clerks putting together this open house.
"I just love the chance to participate and the idea that the clerks are offering this chance to be a part of it. I'm so happy to get an opportunity to be here. It's great to, to see who's actually going to be running maybe. I've always been tempted by possibly jumping into the race. With this opportunity it seems like they want some more people in it."
When it comes to the School Board, according to Alaska statute 14-12-080, "To be eligible to be a member of a school board, a person must have the same qualifications as are necessary to be a municipal voter in the school district."
There is no residency requirement to run for School Board.
Both Wade and 9 year district employee Deborah Rinio have their sights set on the open positions of the School Board.
Taking her skills of a kindergarten through 12th grade teacher, Rinio believes she can benefit the board because of her understanding of students and teachers.
"It's really important to me on the school board, that we have a focus. That we're focusing on one thing, or two things, or just a couple things to really do what we do best and continue what we do best instead of diversifying and ending up with as not as much structure and success, trying to do too many things at once, over working people, overloading people, so I think we need to focus down and do really well at what we already do really well."
The candidate filing period will open July 17, and will close on July 31.
The 2017 regular Municipal Election will take place on Tuesday, October 3.
Reporting from the Borough Assembly Chambers, this is Julia Laude.