"Kick Butts Day" uses fun activities to teach kids not to smoke

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF)- The American Lung Association of Fairbanks visited the Boys and Girls Club Wednesday afternoon for 'National Kick Butts Day,' to provide an educational activity on the risks of tobacco use.

The kids were each given a straw and asked to run around and perform various heart pumping activities. They were asked to only breathe through the straw to show the effect tobacco has on the throat and lungs.

After the activity, the kids were able to swing at a cigarette piñata, but only after answering some tobacco fact questions.

Lung Health Coordinator for the Fairbanks American Lung Association office, Alyssa Keill, says that without the educational aspect, people have a hard time making a good decision.

"Through education I think we can really help kids understand and actually make a choice for themselves to say, 'No, I don't want that bad thing to happen to me down the road, and I want to enjoy my sports right now. So when it comes up, I will say no because I don't want to.' I think education is really important for that," said Keill.