House Majority votes to cut off debate

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JUNEAU, Alaska (KTVF)- Two thirds of the way through this year's Alaska Legislative session, the House majority has voted to cut off debate.

That move came yesterday after days of discussion on hundreds of amendments that were being introduced to deal with the $3.5 billion dollar budget deficit.

Some in the minority said it was gamesmanship to stop their proposals from being heard.

Today, two amendments were voted down.

One would have cut money from the Governor's budget; another would have cut the legislature's spending.

"So we felt it was necessary today to take decisive action and to certainly provide the minority with an opportunity for their voice to be heard on the budget process," explained House Speaker Rep. Bryce Edgmon. "But as well to say enough was enough its time to spend the states resources the time of the house on budget amendments, when we in fact need to get going and start looking to the future of this great state in finding a pathway forward in terms of our fiscal options."

"These amendments they have seen before they have seen them in finance, they have seen theme in the subcommittees we have been talking openly about them," said Rep. Charisse Millett. "We have not shied away from the difficult decisions that we have facing the state of Alaska, which is right sizing government, and making sure that the footprint goes down before we ask for your permanent fund and before we ask for income taxes," said Millett.