Ft. Wainwright's Trainor Gate reopens August 17th

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Fort Wainwright's Trainor Gate has been closed for upgrades since early May and now that construction project is finally complete.

The gate will reopen and resume normal hours of operation starting at 5:30 AM on August 17th.
Trainor Gate's normal hours of operation are 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Friday and 7 AM to 9 PM weekends and holidays.

Lazelle Gate, which opened to direct traffic during the Trainor Gate closure, will close at 9 PM on August 16th and will not reopen.

Drivers are asked to be extra attentive to the new traffic patterns associated with Trainor Gate.
Follow the directions of the guards on duty and have vehicle registration and proof of insurance readily available while operating a vehicle entering the installation.
Drivers are also advised to slow down and obey the 15 mile per hour speed limit through all gates.