'Fairbanks Four' trial witness, Arlo Olson, is found dead in F.C.C. cell

A key witness in the Fairbanks Four case, who was also recently arrested for kidnapping and assault, was found unresponsive in his cell Saturday while in state custody.

The Department of Corrections says 40-year-old Arlo Olson was pronounced dead Tuesday at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.
Cause of death was reportedly suicide.
According to the complaint, Olson had been arrested June 7th after he allegedly broke into his girlfriend's home and assaulted her.
Olson had been charged with kidnapping, assault, and criminal mischief.
In 1999, Olson was a key witness in the trial of the Fairbanks Four.
He had testified he was '110 percent sure' he saw all four men assaulting the victim John Hartman.
But In 2015, Olson changed his story and said that prosecutors pressured and coached him during the 1999 trials, and he had never been sure of what he saw.
Olson's death is the third this year in the Corrections Department