Fairbanks Families Partnership Health Fair gives children free health exams

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Parents had the chance to discover what resources were available for their children at the 'Fairbanks Families Partnership Health Fair' this past Saturday at the Pioneer Park Civic Center.

Children received free eye-exams, hearing tests, and dental exams, in addition to weigh-ins and height checks, thanks to the partnership between Young Smiles Children's Dentistry; The Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic; Alaska Medicine and Endoscopy; and the Women, Infants and Children program.

The Fairbanks Families Partnership Health Fair also provided other resources for parents, including information on early childhood development and care provided by such organizations as Thread Alaska, and the Enep'ut Children's Center.

The participants provided more than just information though.
Ben the Balloon Man made squeaky balloon animals, and kids were able to pose with 'Kit the Fox' from KUAC.

The Salvation Army also participated in the event, providing winter gear for families in need.

Lieutenant Lance Walters and Dawn McAllister of the Salvation Army discussed their experience at this year's health fair.

"This is my third year doing this and we actually partnered up with Fairbanks Families to get these coats. We have a drive every year and we get them all together so we can give them out to the kids. The Borough is doing us together, so it's not just Salvation Army giving these coats out, it'll be Fairbanks Families also."

"A lot of people cooperating and working together, and we didn't just do coats and back to school supplies, we also did an activity course with a bean bag toss and basketball and a little bit of hockey. It was fun to win a little prize and it was good to interact with the kids."