Fairbanks City Council members Discuss Raising property taxes

The Fairbanks City Council met Monday evening to discuss an ordinance involving a future revenue plan for the city.
It was meant to raise property taxes to help bring back 1 point 7 million dollars of revenue the city doesn't expect to receive.
The ordinance was advanced to the july 24th meeting for final consideration on a 3 to 2 vote, with council members Jerry Cleworth and David Pruhs voting no.
If passed July 24th , the measure would then go before voters in the October municipal election.
Cleworth expressed his concerns about moving forward with the ordinance.
"We have a potential liability of point 6-3 mills. Tonight we heard about the claims against the city that are coming. We budgeted over two million dollars before that. The only way to pay for those claims is through property taxes and that bill is going to come to the tax payers next year."